Department of Humanities

Mr. Hirak Gupta

H.O.D. Dept of Humanities

"The Department of Humanities caters to the Corporate Skills of the students and is dedicated to create the finest quality human resource. It not only imparts aid and assistance to the enhancement of soft skills within the students, but also plays a pivotal role in the moulding of their personality by rendering it an executive flavour and thereby making them industry-ready. Along with these, the department of Humanities is also the hub of literary and cultural activities that provide emotional refreshment to the AEC family. The vision of our department is utilising the topographical positioning of the college in an urban area. The department cherishes to serve as learning and knowledge based pedagogic centre of excellence. The department’s mission is to incorporate new teaching methodologies by popularising case study and workshop based sessions, and to promote effective communication through practising of real life situations. It also aims to organise regular seminars and workshops along with collaborative projects with sister concerns. "

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About the Department

The Department of Humanities despite being an extended assistance in the arena of technical education is very much conscious of its predominating significance. Apart from providing linguistic competency, communicative proficiency and personality grooming it also endeavours to acquaint, assist and adapt the budding technologists to the corporate flavour. Hence, the department of Humanities plays the role of a catalyst in the alchemic metamorphosis of the ‘technologists’ into ‘technocrats’. Established in the year of 1998, the department grew in leaps and bounds along with the other departments of the college. It presently houses three laboratories:
1. ‘Language Laboratory’ with a capacity of thirty seats dedicated to the development of linguistic competency of the students.
2. ‘Personality Development Laboratory’ with a capacity of sixty seats is designed for the enhancement of the employability skills of the students.
3. ‘Group Discussion Laboratory’ with a capacity of thirty seats which caters to the contemporary needs of the forthcoming budding engineers. " View Faculty List

Labs & Student Activities

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