Department of Information & Technology

Mr. Anup Kumar Mukhopadhyay

H.O.D. Dept of Information & Technology

"The aim of the department is to provide education of quality and training to the students with dedicated young energetic faculty members, technical staff, well equipped laboratories and innovative academic processes. The students from the department have left a deep and indelible impression of obtaining their ranks on the national level and I am sure that in times to come the students will make indelible mark on the international level In the field of Information Technology and they will bring laurels for themselves as well as for their families and for the Institution, Asansol Engineering College, to which they belong. My appeal to all the Alumni is to come up with new initiatives with their professional excellence to conduct Seminars, Workshops and Professional contests etc. Our students are trained in both software and hardware skills and basic inputs are provided to make them self confident so that they can accept challenges and we also encourage them to participate in various technical and extracurricular events. "

Students' Academic Achievements

We congratulate our two IT students PRANAY BANERJEE and ABIR NAG on their obtaining the ranks across the globe in the “CodeVita 2014”, the TCS Coding contest. We also Congratulate SWETA BURNWAL on her obtaining 3rd rank in Autonomous Robotics Competition, conducted in IIT BOMBAY.
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Placement Details

Year: 2013 Placed: 22
Year: 2014 Placed: 31
Year: 2015 Placed: 41
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About the Department

"The Department of IT started its journey from 1998 with an intake of 40 students. Currently the intake is of 90 students.
It has eight well equipped laboratories for the subjects namely Numerical Analysis, Operating System, Computer Networking, Computer Organization , Computer Architecture, Java, C, Data Structure, Software Engineering, Database Management System etc.
The aim of department is to apply the knowledge and experience on students by concentrating on their overall development which will help them meet the present and future requirements of the IT Industries.  
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Labs & Student Activities

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