Department of Mathematics

Dr. Samir Dey

H.O.D. Dept of Mathematics

Mathematics is the language of science and is an essential part of work done in the natural sciences, engineering, economics, and other areas. Since ancient times and in many civilizations, mathematics has been central in human thought and critical to many aspects of intellectual development and progress.
Vision: To foster in mathematical education and research, elitism and excellence, well poised between abstraction and application.
Aim: To evolve into an internationally acclaimed entre for interdisciplinary and applicable mathematical research, supporting and complementing expertise extant in and around Asansol.

Research Interests

The emphasis is on practice infused with fundamental science and mathematics which offers ample research opportunities, both in theoretical and experimental fields. At the forefront, are its interdisciplinary applications. Research is being carried out in a wide variety of fields including Queuing Theory, Reliability, Sampling Theory, Fuzzy sets and systems, Nano Fluids, Fixed Point Theory

Research Papers

1. Dey,Samir.and Roy, Tapan. Kumar. (2015): A Fuzzy Programming Technique for Solving Multi-objective Structural Problem. International Journal of Engineering and Manufacturing, 5 , 24-42. ISSN: 2305-3651.
2. Dey,Samir.and Roy, Tapan. Kumar. (2015): Multi-objective Structural optimization using Fuzzy and Intuitionistic Fuzzy Optimization technique. International Journal of Intelligent Systems and Applications, 5, 57-65. ISSN: 2074-9058 see more..

About the Department

The Department of Mathematics at Asansol Engineering College has seen a phenomenal growth and success over the past 17 years. It has achieved the highest standards in both research and teaching. The department is designed to provide students with a solid grounding in advanced pure mathematics and also the mathematical logical foundations of computer science. The department also trains engineering students in strong mathematical background to enhance and apply their skills to find solutions to their field specific problems The Department has 8 faculty members and 2 research scholars. Besides catering to the needs of UG and PG curriculum, the Department designed and offered advanced courses for graduate students. The Department is committed to excellence in Mathematics by establishing research programs for meeting scientific and technological challenges faced by the ever changing, science centered world of the 21st century. Our aim is to produce highly sought after and knowledgeable graduates for pursuing careers with academia, industry and government. Besides being engaged in sponsored research, the faculty members of the Department pursue collaborative research with their counterparts in Engineering Departments. View Faculty List

Labs & Student Activities

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