The Training & Placement Cell of the College lays emphasis on both the functions it is entrusted with namely the Training and the Placement. The departments and its faculty members are also closely associated to the Training & Placement Process through proper representation in the Cell.

Training is primarily segmented into three vital components which get equal importance from the College:

  1. Industrial Exposure - Vocational Trainings, Industrial Visits, Seminars and Workshops. Senior Professionals take time out of their busy schedule to interact and educate our students on various advanced technologies and practices.
  2. Finishing School Programme.
  3. Technology based courses - brush up and augmentation.

The above mentioned training is delivered through efficient use of different resources:

  1. Interventions by external professionals/faculty.
  2. Interventions by Industry professionals.
  3. Interventions by College faculty, many of whom are specially trained to provide advanced content.
  4. Webinars
  1. Ericsson "Career Connect" Program
  2. Infosys Campus Connect - SS (for students)
  3. Infosys Campus Connect - FP (for students)
  4. Java Training Under Centre of Excellence Virtusa
  6. TCS Academic Interface Programme
  7. Wipro Mission 10X - Arambh (for faculty)
  8. TCS FDP on Agile & Jile

The central idea behind providing rigorous additional input through different training programmes is to create competence so that the students are more Industry ready.

The manifestation of skills gathered in an Engineering Course is properly achieved only when a student is successful in an Industry. The success of students in turn gives an identity to the College and the Industry benchmarks the College with respect to the quality of students passing out from the College. The students get formidable interface with premier Companies and the most suitable candidates are selected and offered jobs by these Companies.

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