1.1 Title of the Practice

Career Guidance and its impact on quality placement

Career counseling has the ability to enhance outcomes in employment, education, and training while reducing skill shortages and balancing the business cycle.

1.2 Objectives of the Practice

To provide proper guidance to the students so that they can explore and plan for career endeavors based on their knowledge, skills, and values.

  • To facilitate the students in technical skills that is on high demand.
  • To reduce the gap between industry and academia
  • To Broaden students’ breadth of knowledge and horizons by applying the skills and knowledge that are beyond curriculum to complement their learning at the institution
  • To stimulate thinking, self-reflection, and self-understanding of students to promote their individual growth.
1.3 The Context

The criteria of today's competitive work environment influence and define job readiness.  Appropriate training methodologies that have been implemented are based on a detailed analysis of the needs of various industries, and the training is carried out through recognized professional courses. They help our students get a strategic advantage in the recruitment process, broaden their perspectives as well as enhance their confidence and personalities. Our college placement orientation activities are unique as it not only strengthen technical knowledge, but also prepare students to enter the workforce with soft skills and product-based employability abilities, thus, making them industry ready.

1.4 The Practice

The institution offers well-organized Beyond Curriculum Training (BCT) courses to all students in all streams. BCT includes Value Added Courses, Skill Enhancement Trainings and Career Counselling and Guidance.

These courses are developed scientifically finding the gaps with the help of feedback on course curriculum from different stakeholders like Students, Alumni, Academicians and Employers. It is then approved by the respective Department's Academic Committee (DAC) followed by the IQAC/Academic Committee (AC).

Every student has the opportunity to enroll in different courses during their degree to develop their industrial competency. All accomplished students receive certificates.

2.1. Title of the practice

Community Development Initiatives          

Facilitate student participation in humanitarian endeavors that improve the lives of those who are economically and socially underprivileged and promote community growth.

2.2. Objectives of the practice        

  • To foster gender parity programs and concerns regarding women's education.
  • To promote equality and social justice in the community by empowering people.
  • To enhance the participation towards environment protection thus moving a step ahead towards sustainable development.
2.3. The Context

The community development programme is an initiative created to encourage improved living for the entire community through active community participation and initiative. Community development is crucial because it provides the base upon which a city may try to improvise the quality of life for its residents. Academic programmes now frequently incorporate community engagement, a social orientation, and environmental conservation approaches. Encouraging kindness and sharing among those who are socially and economically less privileged have been   a primary concern of the Institute. Programs for community development are crucial to rural reconstruction.

2.4. The Practice:

The Institution has been developing this approach by supporting all forms of social outreach and welfare initiatives. Students actively encourage and provide assistance to the less fortunate. The close mentor-mentee relationship that already existed in the Institute helped to strengthen this practice, further inspiring and motivating the students to strive for social improvement.

NSS, IIC, Women Cell etc of the institute takes various initiatives for the development of the community that helps in enhancing the societal values. During pandemic Covid – 19, several initiatives were taken by the institute so that aid, vaccines and books can be provided to the one who were in need.

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