Encyclopedias, books, & Dictionaries

  • Encyclopaedia Britannia ( 32 vol.)
  • Encyclopaedia Britannia Student Edition ( 7 vol.)
  • MGH Encyclopaedia of Science and Technology ( 20 vol.)
  • MGH Dictionary of Science andTechnical Terms
  • Knowledge Encyclopaedia
  • Oxford Dictionary of English Idioms
  • Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary
  • Oxford Dictionary of Reference
  • Oxford English-English-Bengali Dictionary
  • Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
  • Samsad English Bengali Dictionary
  • Samsad Bengali English Dictionary
  • Webstar’s Comprehensive Dictionary
  • The Control Handbook
  • Electrical Power Engineering Hand Book
  • The Circuits and Filters Hand Book
  • Modern Power Station Practice Hand Book ( 9 vol.)
  • Hand Book of Electrical Design Details
  • National Electrical Safety Code Hand Book
  • Hand Book of Electric Power Calculations
  • The Lineman’s and Cableman’s Hand Book
  • Source Book of Control System Engineering
  • Hand Book of Switch Gears
  • National Electric Code Hand Book
  • Industrial Control Hand Book
  • Electric Safety Hand Book
  • Electrical Engineering Hand Book
  • Power Generation Hand Book
  • Hand Book of Automotive Power Electronics and Motor Drives
  • Hand Book of Power System Stability and Control
  • Electric Power Engineering Hand Book
  • Hand Book of Electrical Power Distribution
  • Antennas Engineering Hand Book
  • Hand Book of Microwave Technology
  • Hand Book of Video and Television Engineering
  • Practical Antennas Hand Book
  • Wireless Network Performance hand Book
    • Encyclopaedia of Wireless Telecommunications
    • Hand Book of Optical Communications Networks
    • Packet Broadband Network Hand Book
    • Process Industrial Instrumentation and Control Hand Book
    • Hand of RF/Microwave Components and Engineering
    • Hand Book of Electronic Engineering
    • Instrument Engineers Hand Book
    • ASME Hand Book ( 9 vol.)
    • Energy Management Hand Book
    • Hand Book of Mechanical Engineering
    • Modern Standard Hand Book for Mechanical Engineering
    • Machine Design Data Book
    • Standard Hand Book of Plant Engineering
    • Standard Hand Book of Engineering Calculations
    • HVC Pump Hand Book
    • MGH hand Book of Mechanical Design
    • Hand Book of Metallurgical Process Design
    • Hand Book of Electronic Manufacturing
    • Mechanical Engineering hand Book
    • Roll Forming hand Book
    • Machine Tools Hand Book
    • Combustion Hand Book
    • Hand Book of Heat Treatment of Steels
    • Encyclopaedia of Information Systems
    • Encyclopaedia of 2oth Century Technology
    • The Internet Encyclopaedia
    • Hand Book of data Management
    • Network management Hand Book
    • Hand Book of Technology Management
    • Local Area Network Hand Book
    • Hand Book of Electronic Messaging
    • Hand Book of Communication System Management
    • Encyclopaedia of Computer Science and Technology
    • Encyclopaedia of Ethics in Science and Technology
    • World of Facts
    • 50 Years of Space

Video Course

Library has procured video courses developed by IIT KGP and IIT Delhi. One can access these resources through the CD server connected to the campus LAN.

No. of courses - 50

Sl. No. Course Name Faculty Name
1 Artificial Intelligence Prof. P. Dasgupta
2 Computer Architecture and Operating System Pro. S.C.De Sarkar
3 Digital Signal Processing Prof. T.K.Basu
4 Digital Voice and Picture Coding Prof. R.V.Rajakumar
5 Basic Electronics Prof. R.V.Rajakumar
6 Electromagnetic Field Theory Prof. K.Venkatratnam
7 Illumination Engineering Prof. N.K.Kishore
8 Introduction to Database Management System Prof. P.P.Chakraborty
9 Introduction to Software Engineering Prof. R.Mall
10 Generalized Electrical Machine Analysis Prof. K.Venkatratnam
11 Industrial Automation and Control Prof. S.Mukhopadhyay
12 Internet Technologies Prof. Indranil Sengupta
13 Electrical Mavhine Prof. T.K.Bhattacharya
14 Mobile Communication Prof. R.V.rajakumar
15 Multimedia System Prof. S.Sengupta
16 Neural Networks Prof. S.Sengupta
17 Programming and Data Structure Prof. P.P.Chakraborty
18 Switching and Finite Automata Theory Prof. S.C.De Sarkar
19 Theory of Electrical Machines Prof. S.N.Bhadra
20 Theory and Practice in Machining Prof. A.B.Chattopadhyay
21 VLSI System Design Prof. D.Roy Choudhury
22 VLSI Technology Prof. S.Kal
23 Corporate Strategy of Innovation Prof. J.Bhattacharya
24 Dynamics of Physical System Prof. S.Banerjee
25 Design and Analysis of Algorithms Prof. T.K.Dey
26 Digital Computer Organization Prof. P.K.Biswas
27 Electronic Storage Automation Prof. I.Sengupta
28 Fundamentals of Environmental Pollution and Control Prof. Jayanta Bhattacharya
29 Numerical Analysis and Algorithms Prof. P.Neogi
30 Human Resource Management - I Prof. Kalyan Chakraborty
31 Human Resource Management - II Prof. K.B.L.Srivastava
32 Intelligent Machines and Systems Prof. C.S.Kumar
33 Reliability and Quality Engineering Prof. J.Bhattacharya
34 Robotics and Robot Appllications Prof. A.B.Chattopadhyay
35 Special Electrical Motors Prof. K.Venkatratnam
36 Sustainable Development Prof. Jayanta Bhattacharya
37 Control Engineering Prof. Madan Gopal
38 Circuit Theory Prof. S.C.Dutta Roy
39 Electric Drives Prof. S.S.Murthy
40 Electromechanical Energy Conversion Prof. S.S.Murthy
41 Power System Protection Prof. M.L.Kothari
42 Power System Dynamics Prof. M.L.Kothari
43 Power System Engineering Prof. D.P.Kothari
44 Digital Image Processing Prof. S.Sengupta
45 Computer Networks and Communication Prof. Ajit Pal
46 Digital Communication Prof. S.Chakraborty
47 Microprocessor and Microcontroller Prof. Ajit Pal
48 Estimation of Signals and Systems Prof. S.Mukhopadhyay
49 Management Information System Prof. B.Mohanty
50 Network Signals and Systems Prof T.K.Basu


  • Volumes: 66767
  • Titles: 7653

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